Monday, May 17, 2010

After The Eulogy - Libertines Dream (2006)

Passion Ensues... - 100%
Written by MorturomDemonto on February 25th, 2007
Wow... I'm completely blown away. I just picked up this album. I'm gonna first off say:
- I can't classify this band
- They have an extreme amount of passion in their music, something which most bands playing melodic music lack
- Give this album a listen
After The Eulogy is seems to be somewhat a crossover band, because they play some kind of Melodic Death Metal with Screamo (even though that kind of music is disregarded on this site) and some Hardcore influences. Passion is the key word to this record. I haven't heard a band this passionate you can tell immediately that these guys are serious about what they do. The guitars are somewhat technical, ressembling a bit to what I find to be Black Dahlia Murder-esque, but on their early releases (not Unhallowed and the latter, but before their full lengths). The rhythm and lead guitar work is very well written, and extremely melodic and nothing seems out of place. The drums are consistent, they barely ever stop pounding. And there are some breakdown patterns in this record I have never ever heard before, so that was a nice touch. The bass: YOU CAN ACTUALLY HEAR IT!!! Something I always thought impossible in extreme music. But you can hear it extremely clearly, and the bass lines are somewhat similar to punk as in where they go from low to high, however it's not as simple as punk bass, but a lot more technical. The vocals sound like a cross of Oliver from the Deathcore band "Bring Me The Horizon" and George Pettit from post-hardcore band "Alexisonfire", however David Rodriguez (vocals) sounds a lot nastier than either of these two. I will say one thing: PICK THIS RECORD UP! It's definitely worth your money if you like passionate, melodic metal and are open to various styles of music, even not within the metal style.