Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Periphery - Periphery (2010)

The denizens of djent debut with their first album, self-titled Periphery! In what’s becoming the prototype for every band Sumerian signs, they take a brand of metal and put their own technical spin on it without it being completely inaccessible. Sumeriancore, if youread MetalSucks.net. Anyways, this album is full of 100% awesome shit. With their unique mix of clean and dirty vocals, the band manages to pull of something between radio hard rock and technical metal… usually, I'd say that kind of mix is ripe for sucking, but it works damn well on this album. Its hard for me to describe what these guys sound like because honestly, they don't sound a whole lot like many other bands. Highly recommended to anyone who at least enjoys a good “groove.”
Review and CD-rip by aidz who is both awesome and a cowboy!