Thursday, April 15, 2010

Infernal Torment - Birthrate Zero (1998)

Death metal is such a loose terminology these days.... without being heavy enough to be called 'brutal' or melodic enough to be called 'melodic' /'Gothenburg', a band is pretty much in generic limbo. I ended up with this album after someone (rather bizarrely in hindsight) had it on their tradelist and I was going through all the bands I hadn't heard of. Aesthetics...
To say that this album has a ton of groove is a gross understatement... It's probably not brutal enough for a lot of people out there, maybe it's slightly more old school heavy metal flavoured than blatant namechecking to Morbid Angel et al. Occasionally the songs tend to plod along a bit for a little too long - ie opener The Razor Twist is a decent nimble pace, then the following track Product of Society is a slower affair. Not slower enough to make the contrast work just slower to make it seem almost like treading water. There is undoubtably some good guitar work going on on this recording, that is evident even to my relatively layman's ears somewhat reminiscent of the kind of intricacy in say God Dethroned (ignoring their melodic overtures), and the aforementioned shitload of groove. I personally prefer bands that focus on groove to be also heavier, to give it a kind of noticeable yet complimentary contrast between the two elements - such as on Insision's 'Revealed And Worshipped' album. Overall this isn't at all what I'd term a "bad album", it's not amazing or particularly unique I dare say, but it's definately an enjoyable listen, probably best suited to when you're kicking back at the end of a hard day with a beer or some other such relaxing scenario.