Friday, April 2, 2010

Aeternus - Dark Sorcery EP (1995)

When I put this album in my player for the first time, I sank immediately into the world of Aeternus. Similarly as with the successor "Beyond The Wandering Moon" or "....And So The Night Became" you are spellbound from the atmosphere and you don´t even try to press the stop button. Dark Sorcery - storm, thunder & lightning; a dark bell rings and a voice says: "Human Dreams - Such A Fruitful....To Plant The Seeds - Of Terror"....then the first Song starts in mid speed but very atmospheric, majestic and melodic. Grandiose sound and partially dark synthesizers add some extra black atmosphere. The whole mini CD is settled more in the mid speed range, blastspeed is partly also present and very suitably assigned. The vocals are very dark & deathmetalish. The song "Nordlys" is an instrumental - one the most beautiful, which I ever heard. Aeternus are one of the few bands, who have the talent to guide you into another world with their music. You´re sitting alone in a dark room and you´re wandering through the dark landscape while the music is playing.
Uploaded by Beholder from Tagroth Witchlover's collection