Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Soreption - Deterioration Of Minds (2010)

Review in Metal Hammer "Meet the best new band in death metal."
Originally released last year, SOREPTION´s debut EP unleashes four tracks of insanely precise and destructive death metal that recall the surgical mastery of Symbolic-era Death filtered through Decapitated´s jaw-shuttering assault. It´s a stunning introduction to a band who will surely become one of the biggest in their field if they can keep this standards up. Now bolstered by the addition of a five-track live DVD that clearly demonstrates this band´s prowess as they blast through the previosly unreleased 9 alongside the EP´s four tracks -1,2,3 and, umm 4- this blows the vast majority of young death metal bands out of the water, and proves that the secret to making an impact is to disregard what everyone else is doing and plough doggedly ahead. Their fullenght debut promises to be a classic. 8/10