Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cryptic Wintermoon - Of Shadows... And the Dark... [2005]

So you may recall this band being posted earlier and the review and reason to download being very vague. If you did miss out on the earlier (and latest) release, FOR SHAME! Cryptic Wintermoon write concept albums usually about war, 'Fear' being particularly about the World War I and the affects the industrialization had on all sides involved. Fear is a much more 'raw' and darkened album due to higher production value and infusion of german lyrics over swedish DM styling. So if your into themed albums with grim overtones while still maintaining an alluring melody, go search through the archives (or actually buy) Fear.
Now, this album, by no means is less powerful or worth the listen is also themed around WWI, but dips around a more generalized war theme. Production is as tight as previous and later albums, just doesn't carry the encompassing 'doom' that Fear does.
So! What does ol dr. id_ suggest? Get them both, or look up the even earlier albums on your own. or maybe do some shopping.

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