Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Benighted - Identisick (2006)

Now this is heavy... When you first listen to it, you'll probably feel like your forehead was smashed with a pneumatic drill. But that's just kewl. Of course there are melodies here and there, but the most important thing is, that it's brutal. Vocals are similar to other deathcore bands', deep guttural growling, and sometimes pig-squealing-like breeeeee. But here, the growling vocals are even deeper, like a bullfrog was doing it, and they're damn fast, and the breeee is faster too, and here and there there are vocals between the two kinds, and those are sometimes more dechiperable. I think there isn't even one weak song on this album. Nemesis is a mighty song, and it's so heavy and fast... like a train running over you repeatedly. Identisick is also great, mighty solos, everything is in the right place. Mourning Affliction is more melodic, and also very good, Ransack The Soul is a very fast song, it just crushes your skull, Iscarioth is also a more melodic one, whick slows down and gets even better and in every song, every little part is in the right place... In some songs, there are effects that you wouldn't even expect, like the latin american drums appearing in Sex-Addicted for a few seconds... Everything's just great. You must get this.

id_ bumping this majesty to break up the monotomy and remind you how awesome this -and everything else the band has done. Plus this post is 4 years old and still active.
ps. stupid red text shit, eh?

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